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  • OK, so who is this guy?

    My name is Doug Rost and I am an avid motorcyclist... who is especially fond of BMW's. I live in Northern Illinois with my wife and 5 dogs, and I simply use this site to catalog my hobby. By day dragon smI own a small marketing company, Black Frog Marketing, where I provide Graphic Design, Web Design, Promotional Products, and Printing to businesses of all sizes. Owning my own company affords me the flexibility in my schedule to enjoy my motorcycle passion... this life is just too short so I plan on enjoying it while I'm here.

    Touring on my bike is my greatest joy, but I also love doing all of my own wrenching and customizing. Gadgets, Farkles, what ever you may call them, I can't stop adding new stuff to my bike or my gear! In addition to photos and videos highlighting my travels, you will also find video tutorials on how to service your BMW, along with product reviews, and a few tips and tricks thrown in. I have been fortunate enough to have various manufacturers send me products to test and review, and when doing so I assure you that I always give an honest and unbiased review of the gear. My goal is to do what I can to help my fellow riders and support this wonderful sport.

    Need your bike worked on? Sure thing... just shoot me your info on the contact form HERE

As you can imagine, there are always costs involved in producing instructional content. I am always happy to share any and all accumulated knowledge with my fellow riding enthusiasts in hopes to make the riding community stronger and safer. Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to have received financial donations from like minded riders around the world who simply want to say "Thank You", and do a part in ensuring the tutorials continue. I truly appreciate support in any value as not only a monetary contribution, but as a validation of work that is helping others.

Thanks very much for your support!


Thank you for your donation!

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