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I bought a new riding suit this year from Olympia to replace my BMW (British Motorcycle Gear)  Mercury Jacket and Ezeon pants. The main reason my making the switch is that the BMG gear is just so damn hot… there simply is no ventilation. This makes for a good riding suit about 3 months of the year. If that were not enough, the pants were freezing in the cold because they had not insulated lining. So then I was forced to wear long johns or fleece lined jeans underneath. In the summer it was impossible to ride in that jacket so I had to use my First Gear mesh which I just didn’t feal safe in. Plenty of air,  no protection.

In comes the Olympia gear. I chose this set up mainly because of the MVS (mega vent system), but also because of the quality of the construction and materials used. The MVS allows for huge panels to be unzipped and stored exposing mesh areas for air flow. Though I have not taken it out in hot weather yet, I can report on its cold weather ability.

Here in the Chicago area we have our fair share of cold weather, and this spring seems to just not be able to let it go. No matter, this suit has performed incredibly. I have now done two rides, both 150 miles, in temps that started in the low 20’s, and ran up into the sweltering 40’s.

Olympia X-moto Pants: xmoto

Under the pants I only wore a pair of Freeze Out long johns, and under the jacket a tee shirt and a long sleeve shirt… and I was completely comfortable. In the past, even though I have protection from my fairing of my RT, wind has always slipped around and managed to freeze me on the back of my thighs. Well no longer is that the case, my legs were evenly warm. There is a removable insulated liner that comes with the pants that as a side zipper that goes all the way up to the thigh, just as the outer shell does. At the bottom of each leg the zipper stops 6-8” short so that if needed the pants can be hemmed without screwing around with the zipper… a well thought out feature. The pockets are deep and usable, not always common with riding pants, and large enough to allow for a wallet in the front so that you don’t have to sit on it. The inner thighs have large leather panels to increase your ability to grip the bike, great for off road riding. The knee pads are adjustable so that you can dial them in to the right position, and the flexibility of them is comfortable. The exterior is well accented with reflective piping running the entire length, that actually appears to be a larger diameter than normal, thus giving better visibility. The quality of the construction and of the 500 and 2000 denier Cordura is first rate and gives a feeling of security. And finally, there are belts loops that allow you to put a belt on to cinch the the pants firmly around your waist… I really like this feature. I am very anxious for some hot weather riding so that I can test out the MVS: large ( the entire front of your thigh) panels that unzip and store in the pants to allow airflow in… these things are like air ram scoops.



Olympia Nomad Jacket: nomad

Like the pants, the jacket straight away shows off its quality in materials and workmanship. The MVS system has major air panels on the front chest, arms, and 2 in the back. I was very impressed at how the jacket felt being on. With the BMG, it was always a little too puffy, not so with the Nomad. It sits closer to the body, much more conforming, but without feeling too thin. The jacket comes with 2 different liners, one insulated and one as a rain/ wind shield. What’s nice is that they can be used independently as another jacket which should come in handy during summer rallies where the temp drops a bit in the morning/ evening. There is plenty of reflective piping on the jacket, and visually it is great how they didn’t over due it in the neon yellow, just a good visible band going around the upper chest and down the arms. I do have a complaint though… and that is the sleeve cuffs. When wearing my Sedici heated gloves, the cuff is very tight to get a thin gauntlet underneath. Once under there, the cuff strap is just too small. You have to really crank on it to get the Velcro around enough to stick. If the strap were just a couple of inches longer it would make a world of difference. Comfort wise the jacket fits great. The inner and outer jackets zip up high on your neck so that only in the coldest conditions do you need to wear a neck wrap, then when it’s warmer, the neck straps attaches out of the way. Pockets are abundant, both in the jacket and the liners, and the side zipper pockets actually have an opening large enough to access with a glove on.


So to this point I am thrilled with the jacket and pants. they are comfortable, easy to get into, and have a lot of protective features. I look forward to the warm weather so that I can test out the MVS, at that point I’ll update the review.

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